Becoming a Bookkeeping Miami or a CPA, Know Here Which is Better

Individuals keen in careers pose this question if it is essential for one to become a CPA. Certainly, this position of becoming a CPA is a process as it involves acquiring education, training, and cost. However, the credential of a CPA Miami who is known as a Certified Public Accountant is an honor.

A CPA refers to an accountant Miami who has officially completed the education of CPA and also has acquired the work experience requirements that is set by the state that the CPA is living. There is a need to pass the CPA certification exam. This is because these CPAs get to work in tax and accounting firms. They offer services of tax preparation to businesses and individuals, besides also prepare for large corporation’s financial statements.

CPAs Requirements

Working as a CPA indicates a candidate should complete a degree program and should also finish a 30 credit working hours. This is because the bachelor degree programs offer each candidate only 120 hours, while the requirement is 150 hours and so each candidate completing CPA is expected to complete the 30 credits remaining to be qualified as a CPA. There are some completing the degree program and taking additional credits, but a few others complete the program of five-years so that the requirements of 150 hours are fulfilled.

Apart from the credit of 150 hours, a CPA is expected to also have work experience in the same field, and they must pass the CPA examination that is a four-part Uniform exam. It is expected that all the four parts in the exam can be taken and completed in a period of 18 months from the first exam.

Accountants & CPAs

The accountants and the CPAs are not the same but are similar in some. The CPAs are accountants and are aware of bookkeeping Miami rules and regulations. The CPAs can be termed as accountants, while the same cannot be said to accountants. The accountants cannot be known as CPAs. Definitely, both do the same accounting process, but the CPA alone has the authority to file reports with SEC. A person becoming a CPA should become an accountant first. Deciding if you want to become a SPA basically depends on an individual choice, if they want to do it as a career or not.

Many accountants do not opt to pursue CPA because they are not ready to take the exam for CPA. This is not only costly, but also very difficult. The 30 credit hours as the additional study is an expense that many are not able to handle. However, not having the certification restricts many accountants from not securing a job in prominent accounting firms as an accountant.

The CPA is much ahead to an accountant not only in terms of money but also in status and authority. A CPA gets to sign a report and present on behalf of the client, but even the best accountant is not given this permission. Accountants going this extra mile of becoming CPAs enjoy more job options and higher salaries.