Birthday Party

Planning a Hassle Free Birthday Party for Kids

Birthdays are all about making the birthday boy/girl feel special. We want to recognize his or her unique qualities, and let them shine! One of the ways to accomplish this is to plan a personalized birthday party. Now, many people can get carried away when it comes to party planning (myself included). There is so much stuff to buy out there that is really unnecessary when it all comes down to it. Matching cups, plates, napkins, balloon, tablecloths. All of this gets thrown in the trash at the end of the day. Instead, try focusing on making the memories count. This will be easier on your wallet and last longer than all that junk, plus, it’s environmentally friendlier!

One of the best ways to avoid stress in party planning is to just anticipate having the party somewhere that has a party package. Bounce houses, bowling alleys, skating rinks, pools, and other fun centers are great options. Sometimes, these can be expensive too however. To avoid unnecessary costs, try scheduling the party and a rather unpopular time for the public, this way you won’t have to pay any reservation fees. Bring your own cake and food if you can, and just use their implements. The atmosphere is already created just by showing up to the special party venue

For older kids, it may be more appropriate to try and create a special memory together. As teens progress towards adulthood, parents can sometimes feel overwhelmed as they notice more distance in their relationships. Going to a concert together (add a friend or two for each of you to make it more party-like), getting a piercing, or a getaway weekend trip are all great options for older kids. Remember to keep up the celebratory vibe, and try not to get bogged down in family drama during these times. It’s not your birthday after all.