Get To Know How The ACT Test Works

act test

Every high school student who is getting prepared to take the ACT test has the desire to do their best on it. Getting a great score on the ACT test can give you the best possible chance of getting into the college of your dreams. So if your goal is to get into the best college, you will want to prepare and do well on the ACT. 

One of the most important steps to acing the ACT is to educate yourself about how the test works and what will be on the test. Before your test day, you should do a lot of research and ask your teachers questions about the test, or you can also ask someone who has already taken the ACT test, it could be your older sibling or a friend. This can give you an advantage and confidence on your test day. 

The next important step is to study. Studying will be your number one priority to ace the test. Studying will also give you the confidence that you need on your actual test day. You should spend at least 2 hours a day studying for the ACT’s and start studying a couple of months ahead of the test day. You can either get together with a study group or you can study by yourself. The advantage of studying with others is that they might know a little more than you do. If you choose to study by yourself then you can find many study guides online or in books. A great way you can also study is by taking a free ACT practice test. The test can help you understand what subject you are weaker on.

Now let’s talk about what exactly will be on the test. The test is made of multiple-choice and four different subjects. The first subject that you will be tested on is English, English section will be 45 minutes. The next section on the test will be math, the math section will have 60 questions and will take about an hour to complete. After the math section, you will move onto the reading section and the reading section will have 40 multiple choice questions and will be 35 minutes long. The last section will be science, the science section will also have 40 multiple choice questions and will take about 35 minutes to complete. There will also be an optional writing section on the ACT’s, it is not required but if you do it and you get a good score it can really help you on the overall score.

The ACT scoring on each section will all be averaged together to determine a final composite score. The average student will earn a score of 21 out of a possible 36. You definitely will want to aim towards a score of 36. Scoring above 21 will place students in the “above average” section. Most colleges and universities will require a minimum score of 24, anything hire will possibly get you a scholarship or an award.