Surprising benefits of a neck and shoulder massage park city

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You should never feel guilty for treating yourself with massage therapy. In fact, you have so many good reasons why you should be booking your next session right away. Studies have shown how massage park city is so important when it comes to our physical health and our emotional health. 

Most of our daily activities, such as sitting on a computer, driving to work and typing, can all put major stress on our bodies. For example, one of your shoulders always tends to raise up a little bit more than the other one when you are focused on doing your work.  Applying some pressure around your neck, back and shoulders can reduce a lot of tension as well as ease some day to day stress. These parts of your body are always holding up your body, so that is why they are always so tense all the time.

Here are some benefits of receiving shoulder and neck massages on the regular.

1. Recovers sore muscles

Massaging any sore areas that you have on your body will encourage the increase of blood flow as well as oxygen which will help soothe pain and also reduce soreness. Massage therapy is basically like painkillers but much healthier. Also after receiving a massage your range of motion will get better.

2. Reduces migraines

Massages are a natural reliever when it comes to headaches and migraines. Messages can also help blood circulation, reduce pressure and even relieve muscle spasms. A study showed that people who received a neck and shoulder massage had a major reduction in headaches and migraines.

3. Reduces anxiety and stress

Not only will your body be happy after a massage, but your mood will also elevate.  We carry a lot of stress and anxiety on our shoulders.  It’s been found that a massage appointment can increase our dopamine and serotonin levels. When your body and your nervous system is fully relaxed, your heart rate will lower and so will your breathing. Big companies like Google will offer their employees free massages every month and this is because it lessens their stress and improves how they perform their job overall. Effects are shown to be much stronger if the masseuse uses oils for further relaxation.

4. Strength immune system

If you see yourself not catching a cold over and over after your massage appointments, you will have to thank your masseuse for that. A study has been shown that those who participated in receiving a massage on the regular had an increase of white blood cells, which helped them fight off infections and other illnesses.

This is your sign to stop waiting around and book your massage park city appointment right away. Both you and your body need some relaxation, so why not go in for a nice and relaxing massage. I promise that after your session you will thank yourself that you booked the appointment,  and your body will also feel so much better. You will be able to enjoy and prefm way better at work.