Why Professional Teeth Whitening With A Dentist In Orem Is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

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Everybody wants a beautiful white smile and thankfully there are quite a few ways that you can whiten your teeth. Sometimes some of the ways can seem confusing, but it might help to know that there are only two different categories of teeth whitening that you can choose from, in a dentist Orem office bleaching or at home bleaching. Whichever teeth whitening you will choose, both of them can successfully whiten your teeth because they both have peroxide bleaching agents. Store bought products that you can use at home usually will contain between three to twenty percent of hydrogen peroxide, while professional in office treatment will usually contain a little bit more, about 15 to 43 percent.

If you are deciding if you would rather whiten your teeth at home or whiten them in a dental office by a dentist, this article below will help you understand better some of the benefits that come from in-office whitening. While some people have successful  at-home whitening and are able to have a decent outcome, the benefits of in-office whitening are so much better and can keep you from potentially risking health issues.

As a general rule, when you keep a stronger solution sitting on your teeth, your teeth will become much whiter. So a higher percentage of the solution can be applied to your teeth for a shorter period of time to achieve the desired results.  If you keep the whitening product on for too long, it can end up dehydrating your teeth, which will increase sensitivity to your teeth. Tooth sensitivity can cause a lot of pain as well as other dental issues which is one of the reasons why at home teeth whitening is not the better option. If you leave the low percentage whitening solution on your teeth for way too long, sensitivity and the pain from it can lead to really bad pain when you eat foods and drink drinks.

Also before you officially decide to whiten your teeth, you should speak with your dentist first  and have him explain to you all about the pros and the cons of both in office and at home teeth whitening. Often a lot of people don’t end up seeing any results from at home whitening and they end up leaving the solution on for too long. This can cause unfortunate results as well as long term dental issues.

Teeth whitening at a dentist in Orem usually works a lot faster than doing it yourself at home. In addition to working better, in office whitening also uses stronger solutions as well as lights, heat and other things that can speed up the whitening process. Usually, if you want to get your teeth 3 to 8 shades lighter, you should expect to do a few 30 to 60-minute appointments.  Overall in office teeth whitening is much safer and it also gives you better results than at home whitening. You’re always better off paying a little bit more and being safer than paying less and potentially risking developing teeth issues.